The Quantum Revelation:

A Radical Synthesis of Science and Spirituality


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6" x 9"  -  400 pages  -  softcover
Foreword by Jean Houston
SelectBooks, May 2018

Written for readers with no physics background, Paul Levy’s latest book is for those who have heard that quantum physics is totally amazing and mind-blowing, but don’t quite understand how or why.   >> read book summary

Excerpt from the Foreword
by Jean Houston

This is one of the most fascinating, evocative, and important books that I have ever read. >> read more


These were the two original articles out of which The Quantum Revelation emerged:

Quantum Meta-Physics  •  Quantum Physics: The Physics of Dreaming

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This is a deeply alchemical work of breathtaking scope. Paul blends and shapes the scientific and the mystical into a scintillating synthesis that I believe forms the perfect springboard for a whole new means of understanding our universe. It’s also a wonderful journey through the paradoxes of quantum theory, but written so clearly that anyone can understand it.
— Richard Rudd
Author of The Gene Keys
In The Quantum Revelation, Paul Levy reveals a picture of our world that is shockingly different than the one we were taught. It is a view in which mind matters, and in which consciousness is fundamental. The implications of these insights for how we live our life and for our very survival as a species are being sensed by an increasing number of individuals. No intelligent, thinking person in today’s world can afford to be uninformed about these developments. For your sake — and that of future generations — put The Quantum Revelation on the top of your stack.
— Larry Dossey, MD
Author of ONE MIND: How Our Individual Mind Is Part of a Greater Consciousness and Why It Matters
On the surface, The Quantum Revelation is a clearly written discussion of the mind-blowing implications of quantum mechanics. But below the surface, it is a magical spell — it contains the power to fascinate, enchant, and transform any reader who manages to grasp what Paul Levy is really saying. So proceed with caution, because if you let it, this book can change your life.
— Dean Radin, PhD.
Chief Scientist, Institute of Noetic Sciences and
author, Real Magic and other books
The book The Quantum Revelation by Paul Levy is indeed, as the subtitle states, a radical synthesis of science and spirituality. It provides insights in plain, yet profound language that the general reader will appreciate and understand. From the point of view of a quantum physicist who understands the primacy of consciousness, I appreciate the bold steps that Paul takes in this great work. And at the same time, how, in a strange way, common sense is Paul’s writing. Who we are, how we can be truly conscious is implied by quantum mechanics as is by true spirituality and Paul surely understands this truth and eloquently writes about it.
— Menas C. Kafatos
Fletcher Jones Endowed Professor of Computational Physics, Chapman University
Author with Deepak Chopra of the NYT Bestseller You Are the Universe (Random House, 2017)
Perhaps the greatest ‘spiritual teacher’ of the twentieth century was Albert Einstein because he grasped a fundamental truth of existence: that science and spirituality are not separate. In The Quantum Revelation, Paul Levy brilliantly elucidates the reality that separation does not exist on any level and that humanity’s principal task in the throes of the global crisis is to deeply reconnect with oneself, with each other, and with Earth. The question, ‘Is there a higher power?’ is now embarrassingly obsolete. Levy masterfully demonstrates that in fact, there is no one and nothing else.
— Carolyn Baker, Ph.D.
Author of Dark Gold: The Human Shadow and The Global Crisis
and Love In The Age Of Ecological Apocalypse: Cultivating the Relationships We Need to Thrive
Drawing together the intuitions of cutting-edge quantum physicists, Jungian psychology, and Buddhist philosophy, The Quantum Revelation offers a profound meditation on the deep relationship between human beings and the universe.
— Ven. Bhikkhu Bodhi
Buddhist scholar-monk and translator
The Quantum Revelation lives up to its title in spades. Every page offers a breathtaking, provocative revelation that shows how the quantum world, far from inhabiting an esoteric niche of our reality, constitutes its very fabric. Learned, bold, piercingly insightful, and ever summoning us into the larger human story, this book helps us come to terms with the true nature of our reality, that we might awaken to the mystery and agency of our own true natures. To assimilate the message of this book is to help forge the future we all so deeply need to create, as individuals and as a collective force on this planet.
— Philip Shepherd
Author of Radical Wholeness and New Self New World
The Quantum Revelation is a deep and engrossing contemplation of the quantum world that creates a spiritual awakening within the reader, a must-read for deep contemplation of a spiritual path.
— Barbara Hand Clow
Author of Alchemy of Nine Dimensions and Revelations of the Ruby Crystal
The Quantum Revelation is that unique book that plumbs the depth of the current scientific revolution and at the same time speaks from the heart to the heart of everyone. It is what I call the new paradigm—embodied in a readable, enjoyable, and above all supremely informative volume!
— Ervin Laszlo
Philosopher of science and prolific author
Paul Levy’s The Quantum Revelation, brilliantly reveals how science is capable of enhancing our understanding of spirituality. In creatively pointing out the correlation between psyche and matter, Paul is helping to illumine the dreamlike nature of the universe in a way that can help all of us to further awaken. Bravo!
— Dr. Arny Mindell
Author of Quantum Mind: The Edge between Physics and Psychology
and founder of Process-Oriented Psychology