Private Practice

Paul Levy is in private practice, assisting others who are spiritually emerging and awakening to the dreamlike nature of reality. Paul’s own journey of healing started more than twenty-five years ago, when a severe trauma began the process of a life-transforming spiritual awakening (see his article “Spiritual Emergence”). A pioneer in the field of spiritual emergence, Paul is in the book Saints and Madmen: Psychiatry Opens its Doors to Religion. He has been in private practice for almost fifteen years.

Paul lives in Portland, Oregon. For people not in the Portland area, he is available via phone or skype for private sessions. His fee is $100 per hour, payable via Paypal on this website (use the donate button).

I always feel blessed to meet a genuine healer such as Paul Levy, particularly someone who has found the courage to honor the mysterious, deeper, darker aspects of their being.
— Dr. Larry Dossey, author of Recovery of the Soul

Here’s what Paul wrote in an attempt to answer what he does in his private practice:

I never know what to say when asked to describe my private sessions, in that they are always different, always creative. I try to meet the person where they are and follow their dreaming process with them in a way that can help them unfold their process in a way that they might not be able to do by themselves. So often we just need someone who can hear/see us, connect with us and our process without having to translate; it’s like meeting someone who speaks the same language. There’s something called “shamanic transference,” which basically has to do with when you share your process with someone who is empathic, their psyche gets activated to imagine into your process in a way which nonlocally affects your psyche, as if there are now two psyches, instead of one that are carrying and metabolizing the process.


Paul is a living inspiration for transforming trauma.
— John Mack, M.D.
Harvard Psychiatrist, author of Abduction

Deeply inspired by the work of C. G. Jung, Paul combines Jung’s insights in psychology, alchemy, shamanism, and dreaming into a unique synthesis. Paul’s work is “psycho-activating” in that it “activates the psyche,” touches the unconscious, and thereby stimulates our “dreaming.”

I do very much recommend Paul Levy’s teachings. They are correct, fun and adaptable to where people are.
— Dr. Arnold Mindell
founder of Process-Oriented Psychology, author of The Shaman’s Body