The Quantum Revelation:
Excerpt from the Foreword by Jean Houson

Let me say it up front: this is one of the most fascinating, evocative, and important books that I have ever read. Paul Levy brings his massive curiosity to what is perhaps the most curious and massive discovery of our time.  Quantum physics is the name of the game, and pursuing its mysteries prepares one to become a game changer in both one’s life, one’s understanding of reality, and how one agrees to participate in the biocosmic field that is intrinsic to our nature. 

This remarkable offering provides one of the clearest understandings of this scientific phenomenon (which involves all of us) that I have read. It is quantum physics from a deeply human point of view, as we follow Levy’s heroic journey into the dark forest of the quantum nature of the universe. I recall that in the Divine Comedy Dante began his grand tour of the deep and dark dimensions of reality in the dark forest (selva oscura). What he found there in the thirteenth century were the mythic worlds that seemed to underlay the domains of existence at that time. Levy does much the same for our time, our science, and our vernacular. 

What I write now should really be an epilogue rather than a foreword to this book, for I design my quantum-inspired experiments from the kind of understandings that Levy brings so brilliantly to this book. As a lifelong pioneer into the strange and beautiful country of the human potential, I have discovered that quantum physics, when applied to latent human capacities, opens up a realm of experience and exploration that, up until now, has remained more mythical than real. With quantum physics we become “mything” links, living lives that allow the extraordinary to become the ordinary. 

The discovery of the quantum nature of our universe, and thus of ourselves, is so major an event that its profound implications cannot be overstated. Quantum theory demands a radical re-visioning of the role of consciousness as the underlying organizing principle of the universe. With this understanding, quantum physics is introducing us to ways of seeing that profoundly impact human thinking, feeling, sensing, knowing, and being.  In different states of consciousness we can be brought to subtle levels where the mind interacts with the universe itself in what the Buddhists call interdependent co-arising. The self, when understanding that we do not just live in the universe but the universe lives in us, becomes, in some sense, identical to the quantum mind and therefore has many more capacities than those operating in local consciousness.

- Jean Houston

Jean Houston is a visionary thinker, teacher, and philosopher who pioneered the Human Potential movement.