The Quantum Revelation:
A Radical Synthesis of Science and Spirituality

Book Summary

To say that quantum physics is the greatest scientific discovery of all time is not an exaggeration. In their discovery of the quantum realm, the physics community has stumbled upon a genuine multifaceted revelation which can be likened to a profound spiritual treasure—a heretofore undreamed of creative power—hidden within our own mind. Quantum physics unequivocally points out that the study of the universe and the study of consciousness are inseparably linked, which is to say that ultimate progress in the one will be impossible without progress in the other. Einstein declared that what it reveals is so immensely important that “it should be everyone’s concern.” Yet few of us in the general public truly understand how the game-changing discoveries of the past century not only relate to our day-to-day lives, but also give us insights into the nature of reality and our place within it.

Written for readers with no physics background, Paul Levy’s latest book, The Quantum Revelation is for those who have heard that quantum physics is totally amazing and mind-blowing, but don’t quite understand how or why. Levy contemplates the deeper philosophical underpinnings of quantum physics, exploring the fundamental questions it provokes: What does it mean that quantum theory has discovered that there is no such thing as “objective reality?” How are we participating—via our consciousness—in creating our experience of a reality that quantum theory itself describes as “dreamlike?” What are the implications for us in our day-to-day lives that—as quantum theory reveals—what we call reality is more like a dream that we had previously imagined?

The Quantum Revelation is unique in how it synthesizes science and spirituality so as to reveal and explore the dreamlike nature of reality. It is a book not just for people interested in quantum theory, but for anyone who is interested in waking up and dreaming lucidly, be it in our night dreams or our waking life. Even with the huge impact that the revolutionary technologies emerging from quantum physics has already had on each of our lives, this effect is infinitesimally small—likened to “low-hanging fruit”—compared to what will occur when more of us recognize the radical implications that its insights are revealing to us about ourselves. 

Paul Levy helps us to understand and internalize the implications that the universe’s quantum nature—with its novel “dream logic”—is a magic mirror reflecting back to us our own true nature. Once set aflame in the psyche of humanity, the revelations of quantum physics will invariably spread like wildfire, virally propagating themselves through the collective unconscious of our species. Once the quantum perspective gains enough momentum, a critical mass—an event horizon within the human psyche—can be reached which will change everything. All bets are then off as to our potential future, as anything becomes possible.  

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