From the Foreword of Dispelling Wetiko

Catherine Austin Fitts

My search to understand evil and its transformation is what attracted me to Paul Levy’s invaluable work… In helping us understand and face the lies that weave through our lives, Paul Levy’s work leads us to our extraordinary opportunity… It is a rare philosopher and spiritual leader who can help us to look into the mirror of our collective participation and denial.

Yet, Paul Levy accomplishes this and more. He helps us find a way to explore the most intimate connections between our spiritual and material lives and the wider psychic storm and power lines in which we struggle. He makes a way through our madness, our “spiritual starvation,” to invoke our imagination to literally “change our mind.”…

As you read Dispelling Wetiko, you will be challenged. You will savor moments of “ah ha.” When you have finished, you will find that something has shifted. There are fewer spiritual calluses between your imagination and your daily life. You will see a way forward that you had not seen before. You will feel less isolated, more hopeful. You will never quite look at the world in exactly the same way again.