Review of Dispelling Wetiko

Ray Minkler

If we simply open our eyes and look, there are unambiguous indicators everywhere staring us in the face that the dominant status quo paradigm/(dys)functional context of human consciousness has outlived its usefulness for human evolution, and that it will be terminal for human "civilization" if it persists. It's either breakdown or breakthrough with no middle ground, very much like the transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly. For the caterpillar there is no middle ground. Either it transforms into a butterfly or it dies. Time is of the essence and the clock is ticking. Humanity is currently at a fork in the road and there are two options, just as there are two stark options for a caterpillar.

  1. We will continue on with the rapidly accelerating momentum in our current trajectory and destroy ourselves due to not enough of us becoming conscious of what our situation is revealing to us about ourselves or....
  2. A sufficient number of us comprising a small percentage of the global population will become conscious of what our situation is revealing to us about ourselves so as to catalyze a radical phase transition within collective human consciousness. This small percentage of the human population is analogous to the imaginal cells in a caterpillar which trigger the transformation into the butterfly.

There are numerous glowing reviews of Dispelling Wetiko, some of them by people well known in their fields. I submit that even stronger reviews are warranted. I can say without any reservation whatsoever, that this is the most important book I have ever read. Levy's masterful narrative illuminates the fulcrum upon which we will unconsciously create for ourselves the ultimate tragedy or consciously create for ourselves the greatest of opportunities. Therefore, I also submit that this is the most important book that ANYONE can read at this pivotal time on Earth.

Levy has provided each of us with a mirror in which to look so as to see how each of us is unconsciously contributing to the accelerating momentum towards our own collective demise. This is the case for every human being on the planet. No exceptions! It is simply a matter of degree. The narrative of this book clearly illuminates where being called to accountability and to look in the mirror is staring each of us directly in the face.

At the same time Levy so clearly articulates how the direness of our situation contains within it the seeds of transformation, personally and collectively. A key aspect of the book is Levy’s reference to quantum physics, i.e. that there is no separation between the observer, the process of observation and that which is observed and that all things in existence are interdependently co-arising in each moment. That realization, along with all of its derivative implications, is fundamental in understanding the nature of what is happening on this planet, understanding how we are collectively and individually co-creating it and how to get a handle on how to change it. For the first time in my life I see the basis for authentic and genuine encouragement for us all, “in spite of everything” and “against all odds.” Once we see what our situation, personally and collectively, is revealing to us about ourselves, there is leverage for movement. As Archimedes is reported to have said, “Give me a place to stand and I will move the earth”. Levy’s book is a masterpiece and he is due a Cosmic Standing Ovation.”

Accordingly, my wife and I have given away four copies of the book and have ordered more to give away. We also placed a sizeable $90 ad in our local newspaper along with ongoing efforts via email to bring attention to this book.