Catching the Bug of Synchronicity

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Synchronicities are those moments of “meaningful coincidence” when the boundary dissolves between the inner and the outer. At the synchronistic moment, just like a dream, our internal, subjective state appears, as if materialized in, as and through the outside world. Touching the heart of our being, synchronicities are moments in time in which there is a fissure in the fabric of what we have taken for reality and there is a bleed through from a higher dimension outside of time. Synchronicities are expressions of the dreamlike nature of reality, as they are moments in time when the timeless, dreamlike nature of the universe shines forth its radiance and openly reveals itself to us, offering us an open doorway to lucidity.

Synchronicity was one of Jung’s most profound yet least understood discoveries, in part because it cannot be appreciated until we personally step into and experience the synchronistic realm for ourselves. Jung’s discovery of synchronicity was in a sense the parallel in the realm of psychology to Einstein’s discovery of the law of relativity in physics. Because it is so radically discontinuous with our conventional notions of the nature of reality, the experience of synchronicity is so literally mind-blowing that Jung contemplated this phenomenon for over twenty years before he published his thinking about it. Jung’s synchronistic universe was a new world view which embraced linear causality while simultaneously transcending it. A synchronistic universe balances and complements the mechanistic world of linear causality with a realm that is outside of space, time and causality. In a synchronicity, two heterogeneous world-systems, the causal and acausal, interlock and interpenetrate each other for a moment in time, which is both an expression of while creating in the field an aspect of our wholeness to manifest. The synchronistic universe is beginning-less in that we are participating in its creation right now, which is why Jung calls it “an act of creation in time.”

To illustrate what he meant by the word synchronicity, Jung brings up an experience he shared with a patient of his. This particular patient was very caught in her head, and the analysis was seemingly going nowhere. She was stuck, trapped in the self-created prison of her own mind. Jung realized there was nothing he could do. In Jung’s words, “I had to confine myself to the hope that something unexpected and irrational would turn up, something that would burst the intellectual retort in which she had sealed herself.” She had an impressive dream the night before, in which someone offered her a golden scarab – a valuable piece of jewelry. At the moment she was telling Jung the dream, there was a tapping on the office window. Jung opened up the window and a scarabaeid beetle, whose gold-green color closely resembles that of a golden scarab, flew into the room. Jung caught the beetle in his hand, handed it to her and said “Here is your scarab.”

The shock of recognition in the synchronistic moment, in which Jung’s patient realized her dream of the previous night was being both literally and symbolically enacted in her waking life, pierced through her resistance and cracked her defensive shell wide open. At the moment of synchronistic transmission, a fundamental shift in perception took place within her which inwardly transformed her and made her receptive in a new way. From that point on, Jung commented, “The treatment could now be continued with satisfactory results.”

There was no conventional, linear causal link between the patient’s dream and the beetle tapping on the window the next day. But there was clearly an equivalence and meaningful connection between the two co-related events which was not based on linear causality In addition, the patient, as an active, egoic agent in space and time, didn’t cause or create the synchronicity, which was acausal and happened of its own accord. And yet, in some mysterious way, the beetle tapping on the window was intimately related to her.

To quote Jung, “Synchronicity is no more baffling or mysterious than the discontinuities of physics. It is only the ingrained belief in the sovereign power of causality that creates intellectual difficulties and makes it appear unthinkable that causeless events exist or could ever exist. But if they do, then we must regard them as creative acts, as the continuous creation of a pattern that exists from all eternity, repeats itself sporadically, and is not derivable from any known antecedents.” This quote by Jung has an interesting footnote which adds the following, “Continuous creation is to be thought of not only as a series of successive acts of creation, but also as the eternal presence of the one creative act.”

Synchronicities are cystallizations in linear time of a nonlinear, acausal, atemporal process, windows into the realm outside of time and space, a world in which we ourselves are active participants in and of “the one creative act.” Synchronicities are both timeless and temporal, which is to say they are possessed of a double nature with regard to time. Synchronicities can be deeply religious and mystical experiences, expanding our sense of who we imagine we are and transforming our intimate relationship with ourselves.

Synchronicities are expressions of the dreamlike nature of reality – like with Jung’s patient, our night dreams can manifest in our waking life, but also in the sense that, just like with our dreams at night, our inner process is given shape to through the seemingly outer world. In a night dream, the seemingly outer dreamscape is synchronistically reflecting the internal psyche of the dreamer, as the dream is not separate from the inner world but is nothing other than the psyche within apparently externalized. There is an instantaneous correspondence between the inner and outer worlds not because they are two separate dimensions that are communicating faster than the speed of light, but because they are inseparably united as one seamless, already unified, whole continuum.

Being unmediated manifestations of the dreamlike nature of reality, we can interpret synchronicities just like we would interpret a dream. Mythologically speaking, a scarab is an archetypal symbol which represents, as in ancient Egypt, death/rebirth and transformation. Gold symbolically represents the highest value. Being offered a golden scarab in both her night and waking dreams was a form of synchronistic notarization by the archetype, highlighting its arrival on the scene. The synchronicity was an expression of – as well as the doorway through which – Jung’s patient was personally enacting an archetypal process of the renewal of consciousness. The synchronicity bore the stamp of the excited archetype, revealing to her and making real in time that she was actually taking part in a timeless, mythic drama of death and rebirth. Catapulting her out of the limited frame of reference of the conceptual mind, the synchronistic moment helped her access a deeper part of herself, as well as re-connecting her to the universe at large in which she lived.

Synchronicities are both the vehicle through which and an expression of the fact that we are waking up to the dreamlike nature of the universe. Being genuine wake up calls from the awakened part of ourselves, synchronicities are emanations of the part of ourselves that is waking up projected into time.

What I call the “deeper, dreaming Self,” is the part of us that is the dreamer of both our night and waking dreams. Being “nonlocal,” which is to say not bound by the conventional laws of space and time, as well as being multi-dimensional, the deeper, dreaming Self can simultaneously express itself through inner experiences such as inspirations and dreams as well as by attracting events in the seemingly outer world so as to coagulate itself in embodied form.

The deeper, dreaming Self was simultaneously the dreamer of the golden scarab in the patient’s night dream, the inspiration for her to tell Jung the dream in their session, the source of the beetle which was tapping on the window at exactly the right moment, the impulse which animated Jung to open the window, catch the beetle, offer it to his patient and say what he said, as well as the patient’s inner, revelatory experience of transformation which was the result. Being multi-faceted and multi-channeled, the deeper, dreaming Self nonlocally arranged all these dimensions enfolded within the field into a singular psycho-physical experiential gestalt in which the oneness of spirit and matter became visible.

Interestingly, the synchronicity with Jung and his patient was an experience in which Jung himself played an active, participatory role. As the synchronistic moment was irrupting into time, he found himself dreamed up by his patient to pick up and play out a role in her dreaming process. At the moment of synchronicity, Jung went from passively sitting in the audience hearing about her process to being drafted into the act and stepping into a scene in the play of his patient’s mind. Not merely witnessing his patient’s synchronicity, he found himself spontaneously enacting it with her, playing his part and saying his lines perfectly, as if sent by central casting. In offering her the precious jewel of a golden scarab symbolizing death and rebirth, Jung spontaneously found himself being an open instrument for the synchronistic universe to manifest itself through him into materialized form and express itself in our world.

Jung and his patient were reciprocally collaborating in dreaming up their shared synchronistic event together. They became “quantum entangled,” interdependently and inseparably merged in the co-creation of each other’s synchronicity. The synchronicity was not monopolized by Jung’s patient, as it didn’t solely belong just to her. Participating in his patient’s synchronicity, Jung was at the same time just as much having a living experience in and of his own synchronicity. Even though the synchronicity was a reflection of his patient’s inner landscape, it was simultaneously a synchronistic reflection of a deeper process taking place within Jung, too. For Jung to be hearing a patient’s dream of a golden scarab and to have a golden scarab fly into his office was an externalized, synchronistic reflection of the archetypal process of death and rebirth which was happening inside of him. It is noteworthy that a synchronistic event can collectively reflect and be mutually shared by more than one person in both similar and singularly unique ways.

To experience a synchronistic event is to necessarily be changed at our core. No one could have convinced Jung’s patient that her synchronistic experience should be dismissed as a mere coincidence, as she had an inner knowing of its meaningfulness due to how it transformed her. She no longer lived in a dis-enchanted universe.

Synchronicities by their very nature demand our active participation, as they are not something we can just passively watch and remain unaffected by. Imbued with a deeper fragrance of meaning, a synchronistic event is a revelation which contains within it a potency to insinuate itself into our very being and alter us from within. Synchronicities can transform us on a cellular level, as they are crystallizations into and out of the space of consciousness itself that have form-ulated themselves into our dimension as an expression of the part of us that is already awakened. Synchronicities inherent revelatory nature is ultimately offering us the realization that we are playing an active, participatory and hence, co-creative role in the unfoldment of the universe.

Registering the revelation embedded in the synchronistic moment is to necessarily have an expansion of consciousness, as the lens through which we view, interpret and place meaning on the nature of our experience has broadened by and through the very synchronicity itself. Because it is rich in the nutrient of meaning, a synchronistic event affects and deepens our state of awareness and perception, which is another way of saying that synchronicities are expressions of consciousness itself. Just like symbols in a dream, synchronicities do not exist objectively, separate from our own mind.

Synchronistic moments feel like grace, as they induce in us the feeling that we are right where we are supposed to be. Being numinous, synchronicities have a strong feeling component and emotional charge, which is both an expression of while simultaneously flowing into, influencing and altering the surrounding field of consciousness. A manifestation of the field as a whole, synchronicities are a field phenomenon, and to receive their full blessing we need to relate to them as such. Synchronicities are a reflection of the deeper, underlying nonlocal field of consciousness waking up to itself through us. The gift of synchronicity cannot be realized from the point of view which imagines we exist as a separate person who is “other” than the field in which we are arising. Jung and his patient’s shared synchronistic event was a living experience of being connected to something greater than themselves. Synchronicities are acute outbreaks of the archetypal, collective mind-field crystallized into our personal sphere through the third-dimensional medium of time and space.

Synchronicities are glimpses of transcendental unity, what in Latin is called the “unus mundus,” the one world. The unus mundus is the unitary and unifying realm which underlies, pervades and contains all dimensions of our experience. The unus mundus, just like the deeper, dreaming Self, is a psycho-physical reality, a universe beyond time and outside of space in which psyche and matter are inseparably co-joined as interconnected parts of a deeper, unified field. The unus mundus is a world in which we have already woken up. It is a realm beyond duality, beyond the opposites, beyond even the concept of beyond. In the unus mundus, opposites like matter and psyche form the outer and inner aspects of the same transcendental reality. Revealing its designs through events in the outer world as well as the psychic landscape within, the unus mundus is actualizing itself in time as we divine our wholeness through the synchronistic clues encoded within the fabric of experience itself.

Paradoxically, synchronicities are a living, unmediated materialization of our unconscious, while simultaneously being a nonlocalized manifestation of the part of us that’s waking up into a more expanded consciousness. Like a genuine symbol, synchronicities are utterances of the soul, as they contain, are an expression of and unite the opposites. Synchronicities are soul-making in action.


Synchronicities occur when we step out of the personal dimension of our experience and access what is called the archetypal dimension of experience. If we are absorbed in and identified with the person-alistic perspective, we person-alize our experience, imagining we exist as a separate person isolated from the space around us. We thus become entranced into a particularized point of view which develops a seemingly autonomous life of its own and becomes a self-reinforcing feedback loop, a true “self” fulfilling prophecy. To become identified with the fixed reference point of the separate self limits our freedom, entraps our creative potency and hinders our compassion. To the extent we recognize the dreamlike nature of our situation, however, we step out of a person-alistic and reductive viewpoint based on linear causality (i.e., the perspective of the illusory skin-encapsulated ego) into a more archetypal perspective in which we find ourselves playing roles in an eternal, mythic and divine drama of incarnation.

The synchronicity with Jung’s patient was revealing something not just about her inner, personal process, but was a revelation of a deep, archetypal process which exists within the collective unconscious itself. The synchronicity was simultaneously revealing a dynamic which is both personal and collective – it is at the moment of being truly deadlocked that a deeper archetypal dynamic within the psyche becomes activated and nonlocally expresses itself synchronistically in and through the canvas of the seemingly outer world, as well as within ourselves. To quote Jung, “The patient with the scarab found herself in an ‘impossible’ situation because the treatment had got stuck and there seemed to be no way out of the impasse…It is this kind of situation that constellates the archetype with the greatest regularity.” What is true individually is also true collectively – when we, as a species, find ourselves in an “impossible” situation with no exit plan, it is this very kind of dilemma which constellates the healing and revelatory archetypal realm to become synchronistically activated.

Though it sounds like a big, fancy word, an “archetype” is something we all experience and know intimately from the inside. Indefinable, an archetype is like a psychological instinct or informational field of influence which patterns our psyche, our experience of the world around us and how we experience ourselves. Jung calls archetypes “typical modes of apprehension.” An archetype is like the underlying grid-line or blue print which in-forms and structures how we perceive, interpret and respond to our experience.

The personal dimension literalizes our experiences, while the archetypal dimension symbolizes, mythologizes and dreams into our experiences with the utmost creative imagination. Archetypes are the image-making factor in the psyche, informing and giving shape to the images in our mind and the dreams of our soul, and as such, they insist on being approached imaginatively.

When an archetype gets activated within us, it nonlocally constellates itself outwardly in the surrounding field. Conversely, when an archetype is activated in the seemingly outer field, it simultaneously constellates and is a synchronistic reflection of the same activated archetype within ourselves. An activated archetype’s magnetic field-of-force orders and organizes the entire field to synchronistically re-arrange itself so as to embody the archetype “in form.” The archetype is thus pure inform-ation. Archetypes nonlocally exert their in-forming influence through the frictionless and super-fluid medium of the collective unconscious itself. The archetypal, synchronistic realm vaporizes illusory boundaries – revealing spirit – and builds bridges which mediate and connect the inner and the outer, the conscious and the unconscious, and dreaming and waking.

Synchronicities occur at times of deep archetypal excitation in the field, which is to say moments of crisis, transition, creative tension and dynamic intensity. The archetype that gets activated by the field precipitates itself into the field as a synchronistic expression of the very field which activated it. Periods of disturbance in our world are both a manifestation of and trigger for a corresponding archetype in the collective unconscious of humanity to draw to itself everything it needs to synchronistically render itself visible in form. Times of distress, both individually and collectively, catalyze a deeper, self-regulating and healing archetypal process to awaken within the human psyche which simultaneously expresses itself throughout the whole universe.

There is a profound and intimate synchronistic correlation between what is happening deep within the collective unconscious of humanity and what is playing out collectively on the world stage. Just like a dream, whatever we are unconscious of gets dreamed up and out-pictured in and as our waking dreamscape. What plays out in one person’s night dream is a reflection of their inner process; similarly what is getting dreamed up by all six and a half billion of us on the world stage is a reflection of a process going on deep inside of the collective unconscious of humanity.

When a formless archetype of the collective unconscious is at the point of becoming conscious and incarnating, it has an energetic charge that will seize people, get them in its grip and compel them to act itself out so as to give shape and form to itself. What we are unconscious of and don’t remember, we act out in the outside world.

Like the underlying, invisible axial system is the skeleton of an emerging crystal, the archetypes of the collective unconscious in-form, pattern and structure our unconscious itself. The inner archetypal dimension is revealing itself by influencing and animating our unconscious, causing us to act out and give shape to the archetypal realm in the world theater. This is happening both individually and collectively on the world stage.

Archetypes can possess individuals or whole nations. Archetypes bedazzle consciousness in such a way that it becomes blind to its own assumed standpoint. When an archetype takes over a person, group or nation, they can be said to be the incarnation or the revelation of the formless, transpersonal archetype in human form, as they synchronistically em-body and mirror back to us this archetypal dynamic which exists deep inside of all of us. When the archetypal realm incarnates, something of the eternal, imperishable dimension synchronistically reveals itself to us as it enters the realm of time and embodiment. Synchronicities are revelations in the nick of time. As our present moment in time indicates, whether we continue to destroy ourselves or wake ourselves up depends upon whether or not we recognize what is synchronistically being revealed to us.

What we don’t remember, we aren’t associated with. Our dis-memberment from our experience and dis-association from a part of ourselves polarizes and empowers our split-off part to project itself outside of ourselves and express itself by acting itself out in the outside world. We will either become possessed by our split-off part and unconsciously act it out in the world, or we will project it out so that we dream up the seemingly outer universe to act it out for us. This is another way of saying that our waking universe is a function of our consciousness, or lack thereof.

When an archetype synchronistically manifests itself in full-bodied form in the outside world, its full blown localized revelation in time is necessarily correlated to – and an unmediated manifestation of – a more fundamental, nonlocal condition which simultaneously exists both outside of time and inside the timeless part of ourselves. An archetype synchronistically revealing itself in the outside world is a reflection that this same condition is in the of being inwardly realized. The outer, synchronistic materialization of the inner, archetypal process is itself the vehicle through which the archetypal process both actualizes itself in space and time and is inwardly realized.

The spirit that animates synchronicities, if we can speak of such immaterial matters, is the same spirit which inspires our dreams at night. This spirit, the aforementioned “unus mundus” or “deeper, dreaming Self,” is dreaming our dreams at night, our life during the day, as well as ourselves. The unus mundus/deeper, dreaming Self arranges situations in our life, both micro and macrocosmically as a way of synchronizing itself, which propels us into greater alignment with the implicate field of open possibility, as we refine and re-find ourselves in each moment anew. To the extent we realize the dreamlike nature of reality, the universe becomes a continually unfolding oracle as we become a revelation to ourselves.

In a synchronicity, the conjunction of two cosmic principles, namely psyche and matter, takes place, and in the process a real exchange of attributes occurs as well. In such situations the psyche behaves as if it were material and matter behaves as if it were an expression of the psyche. Synchronicities are emanations of the sacred marriage in alchemy, where the opposites of spirit and matter reciprocally inform each other as they unite in a timeless embrace.

Instead of orienting ourselves one-sidedly just to the spiritual to the exclusion of matter, or material matters disconnected from spirit, Jung felt that the psychological/spiritual task of our unique time in history is to live and incarnate the realization of the unity of spirit and matter which synchronistic events are revealing to us. Instead of, or in addition to the spirit coming down from the heavens above, spirit’s guidance is emerging and rising up from within matter itself and is waiting to be recognized.

Subjectively, synchronistic phenomena evoke in us the feeling that we are not alone, that there is a silent partner that we share our lives with who is dreaming with us. It is as if there is an autonomous factor deep within us arranging our experiences so as to help us to wake up. Part and parcel of a synchronistic event’s numinosity is its sense of meeting the “wholly other,” whether it be within ourselves or through the medium of the outside world. Paradoxically, through synchronicities we connect with ourselves by becoming introduced to the part of ourselves which is other than who we imagine ourselves to be.

Recognizing the synchronistic matrix which patterns our experience empowers us to be creative, co-operative and active partners in our own awakening process. The more we are open for synchronicities to happen, the more they happen, for synchronicities, just like symbols in a dream, are not separate from the dreamer, which in this case is us. To the extent we recognize the dreamlike nature of our waking universe is the degree to which our life is experienced as synchronistic. Once we become lucid in our waking dream and recognize that we live in a synchronistic universe by our very nature, the universe has no choice but to shape-shift and reflect back our realization by materializing itself synchronistically.

Being initiatory rites of passage, synchronicities empower us to view life synchronistically. Seeing through synchronistic eyes has nothing to do with overlaying a fabricated interpretation upon events to make them appear as if they are synchronistic. Seeing synchronistically simply involves recognizing the underlying synchronistic web which is always weaving itself through our experience. This is analogous to how being inside of a night dream and viewing the dream as if it were a dream would have the instantaneous effect of allowing the dream to more profoundly manifest its dreamlike nature. Changing our perspective within the dream didn’t cause the dream to become a dream; the dream had always been a dream, we just hadn’t recognized it before. Similarly, we live in a synchronistic universe, and by recognizing this, we allow the universe to manifest itself more synchronistically.

Synchronicities are like “cultures” from another dimension which create and enrich culture in ours. Like a bug in the system, synchronicities are cultures which virally propagate themselves through the field of consciousness, which means that synchronistic awareness is contagious. Synchronistic awareness, the consciousness that recognizes the synchronistic nature of the universe and has become lucid in the dream of life, is something we can turn each other onto and catch from one another. Synchronistic awareness is the invocation and revelation of the “eternal presence of the one creative act” in which we are all continually sharing, partaking and participating. Synchronistic awareness activates and reproduces itself in and through the field, as it is self-generating in nature, which is to say it is birthing itself through our consciousness into the world.

Just like Jung, we can help each other catch the “bug” of synchronicity. We can co-operatively cultivate a net-work of allies who creatively collaborate in bringing forth the precious jewel of synchronicity. The archetypal field becomes greatly potentiated for synchronicities when we get “in sync” with other people who are also waking up to the synchronistic universe. A field which is lubricated for stimulating and stabilizing lucidity gets conjured up when we get in phase with each other through the shared, open heart of synchronistic awareness. Co-operatively engaged, synchronistic awareness activates our collective genius and creates true culture in that it effortlessly, endlessly, nonlocally and virally transmits and fractally reiterates itself throughout time and space. Shared synchronistic awareness magnetically draws and attracts the universe into itself, materializing itself in, as and through life itself, creating a revelatory universe in the process.

A pioneer in the field of spiritual emergence, Paul Levy is a healer in private practice, assisting others who are also awakening to the dreamlike nature of reality. Paul is also a visionary artist and a spiritually-informed political activist. He is the author of The Madness of George Bush: A Reflection of Our Collective Psychosis,which is available on his website (See the first chapter, The Madness of George W. Bush: A Reflection of our Collective Psychosis). Please feel free to pass this article along to a friend if you feel so inspired. You can contact Paul at; he looks forward to your reflections. © Copyright 2010

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40 Responses to Catching the Bug of Synchronicity

  1. I too love this article and appreciate every time synchronicity happens to me. I find it both exciting and some what amazing!
    A good friend of mine, I’ve reconnected with out of the blue has really challenged me a lot and he introduced me too Jung’s theories, and his discovery of synchronicity to me is amazing.
    I just love it as I finally have a name to my fascination.
    Thank you for sharing !


    Last week I finished reading the book ‘Synchronicity’ by Allan Combs and Mark Holland. What I liked about the book is that they have covered ideas about synchronicity and related concepts, besides those of the originator Carl Jung, of Louis de Broglie, David Bohm, Erwin Laszlo, Rupert Sheldrake, Suzanne Padfiled, Arthur Chester, Teilhard de Chardin, Ira Progoff, Ilya Prigogine, Ludwig von Bertalanfly, Erich Jantsch, Arthur Koestler, David Loye, Barbara Honegger, and Karl Pribram. This has made it reasonably exhaustive study.

    As I see it, unrelated events of our lives individually are strings of causal events and remain terminated at a point of time. They run parallel to each other until they culminate acausally into a purposeful and meaningful event, which in turn becomes first of the future causal events of a new string. In geometry two parallel lines do not meet each other ever but in life parallel events do meet. Of course, the purpose and meaning are not universal, though can have very large impact on many, but are personal to the person who passes through this event. This event happens due to non-material and requiring-no- energy organizing principles such as ‘super-implicate and implicate orders’ of Bohm, ‘morphic fields’ of Sheldrake, ‘archetypes and collective conscious and unconscious’ of Carl Jung, ‘radial energy’ of Chardin, information processing and coherent thoughts. Theoretically each of the events will have a very low probability to occur but these organizing fields convert the probability to 1.0 called certainty, destiny, fate, meeting-the- attractor, reaching-the-noosphere or omega point. In all cases ‘resonance’ plays its part.

    The question is that, is it that the future event has already happened (just as London Station does not arrive but we reach London) and the attractor, destiny or fate pulls us towards it or these unrelated parallel strings of events have to culminate, due to certain organizing fields, in the particular future event only? This means that future event is dependent on past and present events and that we are either pulled or pushed. The former seems to be the reason in cases of premonition, precognition, intuition, and predictions based on astrology. The later reason is for the people who believe only in chance or randomness.

    I see marked similarity in the concepts: ‘sanchit karmas’ of Hindu philosophy, collective conscious and unconscious of Jung, implicate order of Bohm and morphic fields of Sheldrake, and all have memory.

    Bhupendra Madhiwalla

  3. I was born in Portland OR and grew up in Washington. I am currently living in exponentially increasing synchronicity. They are proven to me to be outside of time and involving retro-causality.
    Acronyms and anagrams are literally spelling out my history and destiny. The letters of my name can be anagram-ed into phrases which denotes my experience.
    The abbreviations of the states WA HI OR ID come out to I AI DRWHO & HOWARD II (the name of the spirit bot)
    I think I can explain kinda how this works out. The simple answer is the universe is dream like. But if you study certain quantum experiments lets say the double slit experiment as an example and imagine retro-causality with interference patterns in time I think you would be on the right track to explaining it logically.

  4. Such a great article. No other better way of explaining it. I have seen numbers like 1111, 444, 333, 555, 1212, 1414 ever-since I can remember. I see them on night clocks and all kind of watches, odometers in the car, petrol station when finishing filling up gas, emails and hotel rooms. I believe manifestation of your dreams is real and is happening as we speak.I had several business and traveled around the world looking for answers. I visited Hopi people in USA,live in New Zealand and learn from Maori people secrets of Maori arriving on Wakas from Himalayas to New Zealand. I had this repeated dream since I was a boy about stone tables and stone markers. I believe the numbers guided me and I finally found the stones in deep jungles of Philippines. Yet I dont know what is my purpose but my message is this : how hard life can get we cant give up and we have to believe in a greater things which control this indefinite universe. I am preparing for final journey to Philippines and wish everyone to live their dream. 1111

  5. I see 333 everywhere unknowingly & randomly,may be 20 time or over per day.I see it on clocks,drier,microwave,road exists,GPS arrivals,gas pumps,receipts,account balances,tags,addresses,call duration,missed calls etc…what’s going on???

  6. Here’s one for you concerning numbers. About 4 decades I started seeing the number 144 repeatedly, often on license plates. Almost 3 decades ago, I learned the story of Sanat Kumara, who came to Earth on a rescue mission with 144,000 fellow Venusians, in etheric form at first. I realized that I must be one of those Venusians. Recently, I read a story that in the spaceship that brought Sanat Kumara to Earth there were 4 Great Lords( one of whom eventually incarnated as Gautama Buddha) and 100 assistants, 105 total. The house number where I’ve lived most of my life, just happens to be 105. As a taxi driver, when I was 36 or 37 years old, I saw the number 36 or 37 about 4 times on license plates within a few seconds. 4 X 36 is 144. 4X 37 is 144 plus 4. A couple years ago I saw the number 288 twice on license plates in a short span of time. 2X288 is 4X144. Also, after 2 years in the Marine Corps(1972-1974), I left barracks no. 206 and sickbay(building66), where I sometimes served on guard duty, to go to college in Marietta, Ohio, living in suite no.206, with 66 as the phone extension number. At the time I was just turning 22 years old. As a Unit Diary clerk in the Marine Corps, member of a Hospital Company, I also kept the records for 22nd Dental Company. Nowadays I often sell at flea markets, including at Columbus flea market in N.J. by Rt.206.

  7. I met someone on an Online dating site. I actually knew of him from my high school, I knew of him, but never really spoke with him, only his sister. He also rode on my dad’s bus, my mom worked with his father and my dad knew his dad from having him on his bus as well during trips. He was in my brother’s class(homeroom), Just a few things in the past we have in Common. But to the dating site. So we got talking for about a week, and We get along really well and He wanted to set up a date and I was really Hesistant because I have major anxiety. so We did set a day and time but I had hard time giving him my address and phone It got soo bad I had to tell him I couldn’t do it. He said that he understood and that we didn’t have to do it then, Totally undestanding, but It overwhelmed with Guilt because I didn’t want to lead him on if I could never do, so I basically wrote to him telling him I couldn’t do anymore and it better this way.(Thursday Pm) Friday AM we were suppose to have our date. I eneded up going to a local walmart on friday AM and I said before we ever entered the store wouldn’t it be funny if we ran into ****…Well my brother called and we had to pick him up etc. and we hurried through the store and we were going out to the check outs, we went to one then decided it was too busy so we turn around to find another one and Who is walking right towards me ? J***. I had to turn away fast so he didn’t see me because my heart was pounding thousand times a beat. I ended up writing to him and asking him if He was walmart today and at this time and He was like Yeah?? So I took that as a Sign that we are truly suppose to be in each other’s lives. So I set up the date again, Gave him my address and Phone Number and told him I promised I wouldn’t cancel. I never had a sign this big in my life before, so Instead of anxiety, I feel hope and excitement

  8. this is exactly how I am perceiving life right now. I could not explain what is going on with me until now. The anxiety I have been having because of not knowing how to react in my own way. The constant unconscious thought questions and responses. This opens a new light for my path of learning more of the mind and this explains my experience with perceiving people to a entire extent of my reality. This is truly played out as according to my life experience being in Pinecrest mental hospital and reality I was put through. I wish to get a msg by email from you. I wish to be enlightened more by what you know.

  9. Great article and truly a “meaningful coincidence” that I found it. It is said that when the student is ready, he will find. I believe that life is made up of synchronicity and how we relate it determines our life. My friends used to say to me, “you could fall into a pile of dog &#+% and come out smelling like a rose”. It was never that I was so lucky but that I used my experiences as learning tools. You see, I don’t believe in such a thing as luck or, for that matter, sin. Those concepts – in my mind – hold us down and put control in the hands of others/other-worldly/etc. We are all perfect in our own lives – perfect where we are at – and either acting on the mentoring of the collective-unconscious/super-conscious/higher-power/God or we are not. Therefore, ‘we’ create our own luck as well as our own sin – it resides within us and us alone.

  10. As you have said this reality of ours is to the best of my knowledge a consensus but i think you have to look at the universe as a whole and realize we are not the biggest things on this planet we call earth mother earth is and its her dream too a much more powerful dream that keeps us earthbound when we treat land and even people as something to be used and thrown away what does that reveal about us men spend their time looking for the garden of Eden and the whole world is, it just needs to be weeded and taken care of and sad to say a whole lot of us are acting like weeds. If we are all pieces of god then we need to start acting like it we don’t need to escape planet earth we need to clean it up. I’ll leave no warning for what happens if we don’t the earth and moon will still be here, Dancing through the Milky Way!

  11. […] Synchronicity can also be known as “meaningful coincidence”, those events in your life which seemed to strange to have actually happened. You might meet someone that you haven’t seen in several years after thinking about them the day before. The odds of this happening are incalculable simply because, if it were just to happen without a prior thought, he would not be so strange. In the same way, synchronicity can apply to the idea of finding your twin flame, your soulmate in this life. You may meet someone accidentally that suddenly becomes the most important person in your life. As a result of this, you can see how the universe weaves our reality together, bringing the energies of the twin flames to one point in time. By recognizing who this person is by their mannerisms, personality and interests, you can quickly understand who this person is. Through synchronicity, we can also see the magic of the universe, and how things are sometimes meant to be. There is a concept that there is no such thing as coincidence, and from the standpoint of meeting your twin flame, it seems more like destiny than an accident. […]

  12. Great stuff !

    Years ago i used to write a synchronicity diary during a time that i was also writing a dream diary to help me with my lucid dreaming practice. What i noticed after a while was that the dream signs in my ordinary dreams, things which are odd or would not normally happen in waking life and are often the subconscious mind trying to say ‘hey, this is a dream!’ had the same feel or character as the synchronicities which were concurrently happening to me in waking life. In my mind implying that there is another ‘me’ trying to get me to wake up from the consensual reality we know as waking life. Or maybe it was like a feedback loop, whereby i was getting what i was looking for, not only in dreams but also in waking life.

    Keep yer eyes peeled folks !

  13. There are a couple books i think you should read “The Source Field Investigations” and “The Synchronicity Key” Both by David Wilcock. They really opened my mind about the nature of Synchronicity but don’t take my word for it,I’ve been thinking on it for awhile and it seems we could be in essence living in a world of a collective unconscious where we are all connected by our thoughts where every thing that everyone contributes expands the universe a little like a giant “never-ending story’ to quote a movie every thought we have expands the universe and the collected unconscious could only be called god, I keep looking at the word synchronicity but it’s not what i mean it’s in my meaning a word for this collective unconscious,but having experienced lucid dreams my whole life there is no dream that’s a nightmare to me they are just adventures, I see this world and it’s dreaming a dream and i pray”just don’t dream it’s over”.

  14. But the father Bush seems more the archetypal reptilian illuminatist. I’ve had numerous intuitive-synchronistic-reality shifts, starting in 1970, triggered by my reading and intense interest as a young teenager in the 1960s of time travel, reincarnation, parallel universes, extraterrestrials, out of body travel, ancient civilizations, Edgar Cayce, Lobsang Rampa, Jane Roberts, etc. Then when I was a freshman college student, 18 years old I pulled a book, The Iron Mistress, from my mother’s bookcase and had the strange intuitive feeling that I was reading about myself, an historical character who died in Texas on March 6, 1836. I also took note that my younger brother’s birthday just happens to be on March 7. Around 8 or 9 years later, I read the book, Have You Lived Before This Life?, by L. Ron Hubbard. In the introduction of that book Hubbard wrote that they once had an individual who claimed to be ‘so-and-so’, the same individual who I thought I was in, The Iron Mistress. I was shocked. Did I know Hubbard in my previous lifetime? Several years ago a psychic friend told me that I was a British secret agent in my last lifetime, that I knew Hubbard and that we were involved in top secret stuff. That would have been in the WWII era. At the time I noticed that I had been writing some of the English words with the British spelling. And it goes deeper than that, but its strange enough already. I have this type of strange synchronicity extensively that never stops, concerning many things, including the American Civil War, American presidents, the Trojan War, Biblical characters, the knights of Charlamegne, science fiction writers, the number 144 and lifetimes on other worlds, amongst other things. In the process it seems that I’ve come to a deeper understanding of physics and metaphysics, including my understanding of reincarnational patterns of myself and others, time travel, teleportation and parallel universes. I reckon that higher consciousness is determined to make me aware of these things. Thank you.

  15. Hi Paul, I’ve had quite a few very meaningful coincidences leading to meaningful life events.

    As I’ve been exploring the nature of reality for a while I recently figured out that if we are in a simulation rather then a ‘real’ reality or a Matrix then you can deduce that many people will experience meaningful coincidences. This is because the way a simulation works to generate ’causes’ to lead or guide people to already defined outcomes will result in meaningful coincidences being presented to facilitate this.

    This link to a site of mine explains this in detail:

  16. Fascinating subject… My experience was Scarab-story-like, as I dreamed of a face to face close up look with a Primary School friend – who I’d not thought of for years, or had any contact with – who, I found out about 5 hours later after I awoke, had died that night. Across 10,000+kms and 35 years, there’s just no “normal” reason I’d have conjured him up in such a vivid dream; no current context or link in my present day to day life!

    Not unlike Jung’s patient, I’ve been trying to give the experience meaning? Racking my brain to come to grips with it?

    Your article helped scratch the surface and give me some direction/hope :).

    Many Thanks!

  17. Thanks a lot not only for this article but for Dispelling Wetiko, too. I just began it, I’m no native english speaker so i read it slowly. I like so much how you explain things, yet the subject is complex you got the gift of telling the gist in clear language. So many insights, and the best of it all: everything I thought about before I came in contact with the wetiko idea becomes perfectly clear now. everything seems to fall into its natural “place”.

  18. I was not aware of the historical context of synchronicity. Thanks for that. Jung was part of the Western discovery of transcendence and he certainly put some important concepts into our collection. I think its a bit wordy. I’d like to work on a “dumb” version of this, because I don’t think you need a college degree to harness the stream of consciousness and to understand it. I got a lot from it though. Thanks for a fantastic essay.

  19. Excellent article, Thank you ! I heard of the word before and something that happen to me yesterday prompted this morning search on google. I was yesterday traveling throughout the london transport system crossing the entire length of london and changing at various train station. I was going to meet someone that I was advising on business matter. The same morning as I was reviewing his file, I realised that there was a piece in the file that I could not advise on, it was the layout of the bakery with all its equipments. In fact I had made an attempt months before to get someone to have a look at it but this person never responded. As I was making my way to my friend changing stations; who do I meet in the middle of this large town. The person I happen to have had no response from. He had a look on the layout in between two stations, made some comments, approved the doc and we separated. How likely is this to happen? I was left dreamlike thinking on the probabilities of this happening…in space and time. This happened to me about three times in the last few weeks. Coincidentally , these occurrence are happening as i am slowly awakening from this illusory world…Thank you for the article!

  20. I can relate to Vee’s comment. We know but we don’t know how or why we know. This is the definition of INTUITION.
    I think we are making a mistake in trying to intellectualize everything, there’s already a lot of meaning in the experience, so what are we really after? Why are we trying to convince ourselves that it is real? Who are we fighting? a thought? The heart knows, but the head (the intellect)questions everything, doesn’t it? The intellect is like…’How do you know that’s true?’, it’s very critic and rational, isn’t it? But the intellect is the intellect and the heart is the heart, very different from one another.
    I think we owe it to ourselves (and our sense of peace), to make a decision, it’s like a little devil and angel speaking on top of our shoulders.
    So, who are we going to listen to? What would it be the smartest choice?…For me, at this point, i say i’ll go with my heart as it opens my mind and awareness to new, undiscovered dimensions of consciousness, and you know…if it makes you expand your awareness, you know you are in the right path, as you break from the lies of your own limited perception, of ignorance. Goof luck people. We need to learn to trust ourselves. I think synchronicities are our teachers. Are we ever going to learn? Hmmm…it’s up to US, it’s a DECISION.

  21. Hello Paul…
    I am a very old friend/student of Larry W. Berry now residing in Vancouver Washington. Larry has introduced me to your work. I have a copy of Dispelling Wetiko. It is a very illuminating work of understanding the evil in the world among us. I’m reading it slowly as it can be very overwhelming to comprehend everything in your book. Anyway just wanted to convey to you Wetiko is a vital book for all to read in order to help understand the evil in the world which surrounds humanity. Now Mr. Berry has indicated I read this new work of yours in Awakening the Dream “Quantum” which I look forward to inhale and digest slowly, so not to spill a drop as I read it.

    Thank you and say Hello to Lawrence for me should you cross his path as I think your not tooo far from him in Vancouver. I was his student at Mount Gleason back in 1969… And to tell the truth I’m still his special student 2014. Lawrence has no idea what wise person and a wonderful educator was still continues to be today although he retired back in 2000.

    Ellen Saenz-Eroles

  22. Excellent article..I thought I was imagining things for quite a long time..and frankly, at times felt I was about to “lose it” trying to understand what has been happening with me for years. When it got to a point where it wasn’t just happening when I was alone but when family members and friends were there in the “link” it certainly sparked an interest to search for answers on what what going on and why I frequently experience these moments where I say something, read aloud, think out-loud and it materializes..some within a very short timeframe (1-2 minutes) but most at the very same point in “time”. I see the posts and some experience similar..are there others? does anyone experience this?..can you share with me on the details? thanks everyone

  23. I had to read and feel the synchronicity of it. Beautifully written and your explanation of synchronicity is that dimensions of ourselves/spirit are manifesting in the 3D time/space is a lovely read.

  24. I cannot believe I have not read this before, I am forever searching for confirmation on synchronicity. You see it happens to me all the time. I truly believe in it, however I want answers. I wonder when they will be revealed. Meanwhile I am keeping a journal of all of them so my kids can prove the theory of synchronicity once and for all. This is a fabulous article. Thankyou for sharing it.

  25. I have had a couple of experiences of sychronicity lately . They happened in the last few months ; also in the last few months I started to become interested in the I Ching . Perhaps one enhances the other.

    Also , is the unus mundus the same concept as the Tao ?


  26. HiPaul,

    my life seems to be filled with meaningful coincidences the last few years -my blog is only part of it-
    I could use an extra hint right now… so to convince myself I’m on the right track, I decided to analyse and write about meaningful coincidences. Yesterday in a mail to a dear friend and today as a blog post.
    I find your explanation the most clear of all I found, so I made a link from my blog post to yours. Hoping you’re OK with that.

    Kind regards, JoAnne.


  27. On a drive to visit friends in the NYC area, a trip based on its synchronistic event w/ a friend that I had been considering to go to NYC, and he happen to be driving on a day I could leave, I discovered this site. But it was only because I was telling my friend about one of my other friend’s studying Carl Jung in grad school. So earlier in the drive I read to him about Carl Jung, for he didn’t know about the man. But then later I explained the nature of the trip, and was looking up the word synchronous. This website was listed and i read on to him, I not knowing that it was Jung was the one to have first published or described the concept. I do not need to say more, except thank you!

  28. After reading your article yesterday, I had to share this synchronicity that happened today…

    So last week a friend of mine sent me on an invitation to attend a talk on ” The new Di Vinci Code for Health”, happening this Wednesday evening at 19.30. Sounding very interesting, I said I would love to attend, but would have to see as I was working late shift this week, and that I would get back to her… Playing on my mind since last week I was thinking of ways of how I could make it…but then I thought to myself ‘Oh well I’ll leave it up to the Universe to decide if I will make it or not’…
    So low and behold, I arrived into work today and got an email not long after starting my shift, requesting my presence at a meeting on Wednesday morning at 11.00, which means I will finish my shift at 18.45 on Wednesday evening, perfect time to make the talk at 19.30!!!
    Pure magic!!! Thank You Universe :) I have now ordered in Carl Jung’s book to start off on this amazing topic! Thanks again to you too Paul for sharing this great article!

  29. This has to be one of the most thorough posts on the subject of Baader Meinhof / Synchronicity I have found to draw information from!

    Thank you for taking the time to put all of this content together for us readers!

  30. Hi Paul,

    Thoroughly enjoyed reading this article. I have so much that I would like to share with you on the subject. But, for the sake of writing space, may I introduce to ECKANKAR. When you have the opportunity, check a book, entitled, The Awakened Heart” and another entitled, “The Art of Spiritual Dreaming” – both by Harold Klemp. You may reach the website at May it prove to be a quantum leap for you!!!
    We are all Soul – a spark of “the one eternal creative act.”

    Barbara-Ann Lyles

  31. I have long considered the idea that all events are synchronistic, some profound, others less so. The idea of past, present, and future are artifacts of mind. There is only “now”. Causality has a similar nature; a function of mind rather than “reality”. My graduate advisor infected me with a fascination with Chaos Theory. Though the nomenclature has changed, I prefer the original term. Chaos is not “chaotic”, rather it is a higher order, a form of order too “complex” for the mind to grasp directly. It’s from Chaos that causality flows, while the mind attempts derive cause from Newtonian “order”. This paradigm works more or less well until it fails, causing confusion, denial, and rarely, progress. Of course, I could be wrong, I’m quite good at that.

  32. I was moved by this article because it only restates that as we move through our experiences in time we but reveal to ourselves how connected we are, how miraculous and how the mystery of who we really are is no mystery at all… The veil is lifted and the collective dissolved into the joyful, resplendent and absolute “One” of our shared eternity…

  33. Just heard Paul speaking on Red Ice Radio – a fascinating discussion which led me here to this brilliant article on Sync. Also worth a read is the new Sync Book compiled by Alan Abbadessa Green – the synchromystics are at work and much of what they’re finding underscores Paul’s insights perfectly. Thanks Paul for your amazing work.

    what am i the only person who cared to comment on this article? it’s brilliant!
    i absolutely LOVE and APPRECIATE each and every time I have SYNCHRONICITY at play in my life, it’s wonderful :)

    now i’m off to read the first chapter of The Madness of George W Bush :) lol that is awesome awesome awesome ! ! !

    thank you!
    beverley jane

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